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The basics:
The York Chocolate, sometimes simply referred to as the ‘York’ is a dependable, adaptable, and affectionate cat wrapped in a luxurious cocoa coat. It’s a shame the breed is incredibly rare, because they fit in well in a variety of settings. The York Chocolate finds its roots in the barn cats of New York, and though he’s largely given up working life, this cat has retained the grounded personality of his forbearers. The York is playful and interactive, but not obsessively so. They’re up to playing, lounging, or lap-sitting to suit your mood.

The first York was born on a dairy farm to working class parents: a black and white female (named Blacky) and a solid black male (named Smokey) both of indeterminate ancestry. Little Brownie was the only uniquely colored kitten of her litter, and she became the foundation of the breed when one of her litters resulted in the mini-me Minky. Part of the breed’s rareness is because it’s not currently recognized by any of the major breed organizations. Surprisingly, the New Yorker has found the most support in the World Cat Federation of Germany.

Appearance / health:
The York Chocolate is a medium to large cat with a heavy build, muscular and broad-chested. The legs are long with tufted, oval paws, and the tail is medium to long and fully plumed. The head is proportional to the body, a modified wedge with a slightly rounded forehead and a squarish, elongated muzzle. This nose is long and straight but for a slight indentation at eye level. Large ears with a broad base sit slightly flared, with fur on the inside. Oval-shaped eyes slant towards the nose, and come in colors ranging from gold to green.

The medium-long coat is silky, fine, and glossy. Despite moderate undercoat the fur drapes closely to the body. It’s shorter across the shoulders, growing longer towards the back, and the York Chocolate may have a full neck ruff. The York Chocolate comes in a chocolate brown, chocolate-lilac color.

Behavior / temperament:
Though the York Chocolate does alright spending some time on its own, this friendly cat prefers to be with you. Given the opportunity, the York Chocolate bonds closely to its family and will take every opportunity to be involved in your daily activities. They’ll greet you at the door when you arrive home, and they’re quick to purr.

The York Chocolate has an inborn affinity for the hunt, so they especially enjoy games where they’ll be able to hunt and pound. They’re not an overly active cat and spend as much time playing as they do lounging. They get along well with other animals – so long as those other animals don’t look like lunch: the hunter’s instinct may make the York Chocolate untrustworthy around the pet hamster. They’re easy-going with children, especially if said children are willing to wave around a toy on a string.


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