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Is the Toyger right for you?

The basics:
If you want to bring a tiny tiger into your home, the Toyger may be for you. With vivid stripes and bright coloring, the Toyger has a distinctly wild look – however, this breed is all domestic. The goal for the Toyger was to breed a friendly feline with tiger-like looks, and foundations for the breed were chosen from a variety of domestic tabbies. At least one Bengal was used for the foundation of the breed, and one particularly striking tabby from the streets of India ended up contributing some genetics.

The laid-back, family-friendly Toyger is certainly a looker, but they’re not easy to find. They’re a relatively new breed with beginnings in the 1980s, and they’re still being developed. The name ‘Toyger’ is a blend of the word “toy” and “tiger”, and the breed’s creator, Judy Sugden, has stated that she hopes the breed inspires people to care more about the conservation of tigers in the wild.

Despite their appeal, there are only about 20 breeders in the United States, and 15 throughout the rest of the world.

Appearance / health:
The Toyger is a medium-sized, muscular cat weighing between 7 and 15 pounds. The body is long and robust but not stocky. The chest is broad and deep, with a long, muscular neck. The legs are proportional to the body with long-toed feet. The Toyger’s tail is long with a rounded tip, and carried low. The head is both long and broad with well-defined contours. The muzzle is medium-to-long, broad, and when seen from the front seems to present an inverted heart-shape. The nose is long with a wide bridge, slightly concave. Comparatively, the ears are small and rounded, and thickly furred or even lynx-pointed. There may be white “thumb marks” on the back of each ear. The eyes are small to medium, round, darkly outlined with lighter outer ring.

The Toyger’s short fur is thick and luxurious with a soft, plush texture. The markings are what define the breed. The Toyger’s pattern is unique in domestic cats: a modified mackerel tabby with broken and branched vertical stripes that give this breed their tiger-like appearance. Circular striped patterning on the face also contributes to the wild look. The preferred Toyger coloration is a deep pumpkin ground coat with dark brown to black stripes, though the ground coat can vary from lighter shades of brown to even white. The contrast between the background and the patterns is noticeably distinct, with sharp edges and clear delineation.

Behavior / temperament:
The Toyger is a people-loving and interactive cat. They have a laid-back personality that adapts well to many households and families, including homes with children and other pets. They’re playful and intelligent, and love to play games. They do well with puzzle toys, and many enjoy learning tricks.

Though playful, the Toyger is not excessively active. They enjoy the games you play with them, or even walking on a leash, but they’re content to spend the evenings curled on the couch with you.


stunningly beautiful creature, fun cats, unique coat


separation anxiety, genetically common problems.I, constant attention, needy cat


selectively bred nature, totally vocal cats

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