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The basics:
The Tiffanie, also known as the Longhaired Burmilla, is a cat with eye-catching good looks and a warm, extroverted personality. Their long, silken fur comes in a variety of colors, with patterns of tipping and shading that offer some truly stunning results. Bright, dramatic eyes and a sweet expression round out the look, but the Tiffanie is more than just a pretty face. Packaged within this flashy exterior is a cat of great affection, devotion, and kitten-like glee.

The breed happened by accident, the product of an illicit liaison between a dashing Chinchilla Persian and a runaway European Burmese. Taking advantage of her carelessly unlocked cage to pursue love and adventure, she soon found herself the mother of 4 lovely and unique kittens. So fetching were these offspring that the owner of the two star-crossed lovers blessed their union, and a formal breeding program was pursued. The result is the Burm(ese – chinch)illa: the Burmilla.

This first litter contained only shorthaired kittens, but subsequent generations began to produce litters that took after their longhaired grand-daddy. As certain breeders began to select more carefully for the longhaired variety, the name “Longhaired Burmilla” was largely replaced by the name Tiffanie.

In Australia, there is a breed known as the Australian Tiffanie of similar origins. However, the Australian Tiffanie is a Long Haired Burmilla that has been bred back to a Chinchilla Persian. The result is a slightly different breed, varying particularly in coat.

Appearance / lifespan:
The Tiffanie is a medium sized cat with a somewhat muscular build. Their legs are slender, with small paws. They have a rounded head, wide at the eyebrow level, and tapering to a short, blunt wedge. They have a petite nose, and medium to large ears that may be tufted. They have large eyes, generally in a shade of green, with a dark, mascara type outline. The tail is large and plumed, tapering to a rounded tip.

The Tiffanie has a longhaired coat, with soft and silky fur. The hair has a silver-white or golden base, with a contrasting color on the ends. These coat patterns are described as tipped (hair shaft has 1/8 to ¼ color over the base color) or shaded (hair shaft has ¼ to ½ color over the base color). Tiffanies with a shaded coat generally appear darker than cats with a tipped coat. A smoke pattern can also occur, but is not recognized in some breed registries.

Tipping and shading can come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, lilac, blue and blue. Red, cream, and tortoiseshell are also possible, but not recognized in some breed registries.

Behavior / temperament:
The Tiffanie is a quiet, gentle, and laid-back lapcat. The Tiffanie needs to feel like it is part of the family, and will be unhappy if left alone for long periods of time. They are affectionate, and can be demanding of attention, but they are loyal and sensitive to the mood of their owner. Some Tiffanies respond well to being talked to, and will respond in their own sweet, chirping voice. They are playful but gentle, and do well around children and other animals.

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