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Is the Singapura right for you?

The basics:
Weighing in at only 5 to 8 pounds, the Singapura may be the smallest cat breed in the world. Their large, round eyes seem to dominate the face, and alert, oversized ears further minimize their already petite features. The Singapura comes in one color, a complex blend of warm ivory and sable ticking. Truly otherworldly in appearance, it’s not difficult to see why the Singapura was recognized as a living national treasure by its home country of Singapore.

Despite their size, the Singapura has a big personality – they’re a curious, mischievous, and playful breed. They’re also very affectionate and enjoy being part of household activities. The Singapura will be happiest with plenty of companionship and interaction – this is not a pet for the hands-off cat owner!

Appearance / health:
Foremost about the Singapura is their diminutive size, with even males averaging around 8 pounds. Despite their small size, the Singapura is not a delicate or fine boned cat, rather having a muscular, moderately stocky build. Their legs are thick and well-muscled at the body, tapering delicately down to small, oval feet. Their tail is relatively short in comparison to their body, and with a blunt tip. A short, thick neck supports a rounded head with high cheekbones and a rounded chin. The ears sit high on the head, large and alert with a wide base, moderately pointed tip, deeply cupped. The muzzle is medium-short, broad, and with a blunt end. Their strikingly large eyes are almond shaped and accented by dark “eyeliner”, surrounded by a lighter ring of fur. Shades of green are most common, but hazel, gold, and copper eyes are also possible.

The Singapura’s coat is another distinguishing feature of the breed. The ground color is a warm ivory with yellow tones. Over this is a ticked tabby coat with hairs alternating dark and light in at least 4 bands. The tip will have a dark band, while the lightest band is closest to the skin. The color is most intense across the upper back and down the spine. Shoulders and sides have less ticking, and the underbelly usually lacks any ticking at all. On top of the head and between the ears may have dark or even dark tabby stripes. Barring may also be present on the inner front leg and back of the knees. The texture of the Singapura’s coat is fine and close-lying to the body.

Behavior / temperament:
The Singapura is a dynamic and social member of the household. They bond closely to the people in their lives, though they can be shy and a bit sensitive around strangers and loud, boisterous children - however, the highly active and playful Singapura can make a perfect companion for older children who can match the Singapura’s energy level!

The Singapura remains kittenish for life, not just in size, but in attitude. The world is their playground! Curiosity and intelligence means the Singapura will leave no stone unturned or carelessly left pen un-played with. They’re counter suffers and bookshelf climbers. They do well with puzzle toys and challenges that require them to manipulate objects. They especially enjoy interactive games that involve time spent with their people. At the end of the day, the Singapura is just as ready to be your cuddle buddy.

With an amicable disposition, the Singapura can get along well with other cats and cat friendly dogs. Many Singapura do best with another cat in the household to keep them company while you’re gone. The Singapura is not a breed to be left alone for long spans of time. They’ll be happiest in a home that can enjoy and appreciate their antics and give them the interaction they crave.


sweet faces, affectionate cat, lap cats, impish look


constant health problems, insanely small gene, visible defects


quiet cat, short coat, tiny size, light eaters

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