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The basics:
The regal Russian Blue is rumored to be the cat of Russian royalty, and they certainly seem to have the quiet dignity of a noble. Though they may seem aloof to outsiders, those who cherish their Russian Blue will find an affectionate and devoted companion, playful and inquisitive. This intelligent cat takes the advice of ‘look before you leap’, and you will find they need to quietly observe a situation before getting involved.

The Russian Blue may sometimes seem shy about asking for affection, but don’t be fooled: this cat adores interaction with you and is eager for any opportunity to crawl into your lap for a cuddle. They bond closely, and your absences will be keenly felt by them. Though the Russian Blue will find ways to entertain herself during the day, left alone for too long this cat may become unhappy and insecure.

Appearance / health:
The Russian Blue is a medium sized, fine-boned cat with a long and slender build, though their short but plush fur gives them the appearance of more bulk. The legs are long and lithe with small, rounded feet. The Russian Blue walks high on their toes, giving them the appearance of tip-toeing. The tail is long and straight, tapering to a slender tip. Atop a slender neck sits a somewhat wedge-shaped head, with high, broad cheekbones. The forehead is high and flat, with a slight angle change to a straight and flat nose. The ears are about as wide as they are tall with rounded tips, wide set and high on the head. The eyes are large, rounded ovals. The Russian Blue’s eyes are green, though kittens may have yellowish eyes that later develop into green.

The Russian Blue gets its name from the distinctly blue/grey coat. The guard hairs may be tipped with silver, giving the cat a lighter color. The Russian Blue’s coat is short and dense with a plush double coat. The texture is soft and silky. The Nebelung is a cat similar to the Russian Blue but with a long coat.

Behavior / temperament:
The Russian Blue is a quiet and gentle cat, somewhat reserved in nature. Though he may be shy around guests, he is loving and loyal to his family. Though the Russian Blue loves companionship, this is not a clingy cat, and can entertain himself while you’re at work. Don’t think that means you can ignore your Russian Blue, however – this is a sensitive cat that responds poorly to lack of attention and affection, and may become anxious and fearful.

Russian Blues love to play and explore, and seem especially fond of climbing to the highest perch in the house to watch the goings-on. For all of that, this is a cat who enjoys a stable and quiet environment, and who doesn’t respond well to being shouted at or handled roughly. Though the Russian Blue is a gentle cat and can be trusted around children, young and exuberant children may cause him distress. Similarly, the Russian Blue can appreciate the presence of other pets so long as the other animals are not overly aggressive or rambunctious.


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