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Is the RagaMuffin right for you?

The basics:
The RagaMuffin is a teddy bear of a cat, gentle, cuddly, and calm. This Velcro-like cat will stick to you from morning to night, a constant loving companion always hoping for an available lap – and with their sweet face and bunny-like fur, you’ll be loath to refuse them. The RagaMuffin is the cat who patiently wears the doll’s clothes and rides around in the baby buggy. The RagaMuffin will offer you unyielding love, and you should be prepared to do the same in return – don’t select a RagaMuffin if you’re not committed to giving this cat the time and affection she deserves!

The RagaMuffin is a newly developed breed, appearing on the cat fancy scene in the mid 1990’s. The exact origins of the breed are somewhat murky, but what is known is that the RagaMuffin is the product of outcrossing Ragdolls with Persians, Himalayans, and other longhaired domestic cats. This resulted in a larger cat with an increased variety in colors and patterns.

Appearance / health:
The RagaMuffin is a medium to large heavy-bodied cat with plush, medium-long fur. Their build is somewhat boxy with a rectangular torso and broad chest and shoulders. Though this cat is well-muscled, they have a fatty pad on their lower belly and don’t at all feel bony or lean. The legs are medium in length but substantially boned and particularly strong in the hind end. The feet are large and round with tufts of fur beneath and between the pads. A long, bushy tail slightly tapers from base to tip.

The neck is short and thick. The RagaMuffin’s head is broad and rounded with a modified wedge shape. The muzzle is short and rounded with a distinctly concave nose. Full and fleshy whisker pads contribute to the RagaMuffin’s sweet and charming look, along with large and expressive walnut-shaped eyes. The eyes may have a slightly oriental slant and come in all colors, including odd-eyed. The ears are medium with slight flaring and a forward tilt. The tips of the ears are rounded, and the ear is quite furry.

The RagaMuffin’s soft, dense coat is medium to medium-long in length with slightly longer fur around the neck and face. The coat on the front legs is shorter in length, though thick. The back legs are covered in medium to medium-long fur with wispy hindquarters. The RagaMuffin is found in all colors and patterns except pointed colors, including solid or bicolor, smoke and shade coats, tabbies, parti-colored, calico, and tortoiseshell.

The RagaMuffin is largely a healthy cat, though breeders should screen for the presence of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a genetic mutation that causes heart disease in many breeds of cats. Because of their Persian ancestry, the RagaMuffin may also have an increased incidence of Polycystic Kidney Disease, which is also detectable via genetic testing. Breeders should be able to show evidence that the cats they breed have been screened.

Behavior / temperament:
The RagaMuffin is an extremely docile, affectionate, and friendly cat. They are very attentive to their families and will greet you at the door when you arrive home. When you sit down, you will almost certainly find a RagaMuffin in your lap, eager to spend some quality time. Many RagaMuffins like to be held like a baby and will go limp in your arms. Only select a RagaMuffin if you’ve got a lot of love to give, as this is not a cat that will do well if left alone for long periods of time or neglected.

While not overly active, the RagaMuffin does enjoy some play time. The upside of their mellow nature is that they’re generally pretty good at keeping their claws away from the couch, and they’re not destructive or mischievous. They are gentle with children, but because of this, you should supervise interaction to make sure the young and boisterous don’t take advantage of the RagaMuffin’s overly-tolerant nature. Likewise, the RagaMuffin is very adaptable to other pets in the household. The RagaMuffin may be somewhat vocal.

Because of the RagaMuffin’s trusting and docile nature, they are best kept indoors.

The degree of grooming required to maintain the RagaMuffin’s lush coat may vary from cat to cat. Generally their silky coat is less prone to tangles and mats than other longhaired breeds, but they should still be brushed once or twice a week. Most RagaMuffins enjoy this time spent with their owners and will be quite amenable to gentle grooming.


lovable cats, sweet nature, white longhaired cat, beautiful long hair, perfect family pet


regular brushing, Polycystic Kidney Disease, hair balls

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