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The basics:
This rare blue-eyed beauty is one of the only instances of blue eyes not linked to coat color, i.e. dark-coated, non-pointed or white cats with mesmerizing blue eyes. In fact, the signature look of the Ojos Azules is blue eyes and the name itself is Spanish for “blue eyes”. The first example of this breed was discovered in New Mexico within a feral cat colony. Cornflower, a tortoiseshell female taken from the colony, was bred to a male without the blue-eyed trait and all of her kittens were born blue-eyed.

As stunning as the Ojos Azule is, there are very few of these cats and none of the breed registries currently list any registered breeders. If you can find one of these sapphire-eyed cats, you’ll have a rare jewel indeed!

Appearance / health:
The Ojos Azules is medium sized cat known for their beautiful blue eyes. They are well proportioned with fine to medium bone structure, neither stocky nor delicate. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front, angling the back upwards from shoulder to tail. The tail is proportional to the body with a gradual taper from base to tip.

The head forms an even triangle from outer ear base to tip of the muzzle. The cheekbones are prominent with a squared muzzle. The ears are medium sized with rounded tips, and set high on he head. The eyes are the Ojos Azules most striking feature: their rounded almond eyes are quite large, set at a slant, and come in beautiful shades of clear blue or blue-grey. Odd-eyed colors are also possible, and in this case, one eye may be gold, copper, or green.

The Ojos Azules may be short or medium-long coated. The short coat is soft and silky with a fine texture. The longhaired Ojos Azule will have silky medium-long fur of moderate density. A moderate ruff may be present, and the britches may have a shaggy appearance. The tail has a full plume. The Ojos Azules coat may be in a wide variety of colors and patterns, but cats with white patches on the feet, face, and tail are most common.

Because the Ojos Azules is so rare, little is known about this cats health. Unlike many blue-eyed cats, this breed does not have problems with deafness or cross-eyes. However, blue-eyed Ojos Azules bred to other blue-eyed Ojos Azules results in a lethal genetic defect that causes stillbirth. Because of this, breeders must always cross a blue-eyed cat with a non-blue-eyed cat, resulting in a litter in which about 50% of the kittens will have blue eyes.

Behavior / temperament:
Little has been established about this breed due to its rarity. Some have been described social, affectionate, playful, and active.

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