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Is the Nebelung right for you?

The basics:
With their striking silver-blue coat and silky long locks, it’s easy to see why the choice was made to establish the Nebelung as their own breed. Similar in build and personality to the Russian Blue, the Nebelung finds its origins in two longhaired blue kittens born to black-coated parents. Later outcrossing to the Russian Blue probably lent this breed their regal and somewhat reserved personalities. Though the Nebelung may come off as shy and aloof at first, they quickly become loving and devoted companions to their immediate family – however, your company may not even know you have a cat.

Though silky and soft, the Nebelung can develop a thick undercoat and regular grooming will be required to prevent tangles and mats. Especially if started young, this can become an enjoyable and bonding experience. The Nebelung isn’t going to demand your attention, but if you forget about them, this sensitive feline is will become anxious and withdrawn. Though unassuming, the Nebelung is actually quite fond of your companionship and will enjoy regular snuggles.

Appearance / health:
The Nebelung is a medium sized cat, long and graceful with medium boning. The legs are long with rounded oval feet, often with generous tufting between the toes. The Nebelung walks high on the toes, giving this cat the appearance of tip-toeing. Atop a slender neck sits a proportional head, somewhat wedge shaped with angled rather than rounded contours. The muzzle is medium length with a level nose almost completely absent of a concave curve. The forehead is flat, and atop the head sits large, pointed ears. The eyes are slightly oval shaped, widely spaced, and a green color is preferred. Kittens may be born with yellow eyes which gradually change to green or yellow-green.

The Nebelung has a medium-long coat with hair becoming longer from shoulder to tail. The tail itself is plumed, and the cat has long britches. The male may have a considerable neck ruff. The outer coat has a fine, silky texture that drapes over the body. The undercoat becomes denser in colder months, and the coat may have a softer feel then. Like the Russian Blue, the Nebelung’s coat color is a deep blue/grey. They may have silver tipping which gives the coat a lighter sheen.

Behavior / temperament:
The regal Nebelung is devoted and affectionate, though they may be shy and stand-offish with strangers and young children. The Nebelung needs time to adjust to new home situations, but your patience will be well rewarded: once the Nebelung is comfortable with you, they become an affectionate and cuddly companion. They do well in a home with calm and stability, and they’re particularly sensitive to being yelled at. For this reason the Nebelung may not be a good choice for families with young and boisterous children. Likewise, they may enjoy the company of other pets, particularly other cats, so long as they are not being harassed or unwillingly chased.

For all that this cat may come off as sensitive and mild-mannered, the Nebelung is actually a very active, lively, and playful cat. They are intelligent and inquisitive and enjoy observing your daily activities. The Nebelung is not clingy or demanding, but they’ll delight in the opportunity to cuddle on a lap and receive attention, and they’ll follow your throughout the house. Though they can safely be left home during the day without fear of destructive tendencies, the Nebelung who is left alone too long or is neglected may become anxious and fearful.


lap, Elegant Gray Feline, big bushy tail, meowing conversations, apartment cat, fluffy hair


strangers, high maintenance, regular brushingcombing


good mouser, longhaired Russian Blue

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