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The basics:
Cats: internet sensations and possibly the most popular pets in the world (they outnumber dogs by possibly as much as 4 million in the United States!) While there are many pedigrees to choose from, some particularly exotic, the majority of cats looking for their furrever home are mixed breed or domestic.* Affectionate, playful, curious, and occasionally capricious, when it comes to this category, there’s a cat for just about everyone.

Mixed breed and domestic cats come in all shapes and sizes, all colors, and just about every temperament you could dream of. They’re often healthy and hearty pets, less predisposed to the genetic disorders that sometimes plague purebred lines. Maybe most importantly, the ASPCA estimates than 3.4 million cats enter animal shelters every year, a majority of which are mixed breed or domestic. Most of these cats are looking for new homes (which is a good excuse to get 2 or 3!)

*The term “mixed breed” is sometimes used to suggest that the cat has features which might indicate a "purebred" cat is in its lineage. For example, a cat might be described as a Persian or a Siamese “mix”. In contrast, the term “domestic cat” is commonly used to describe a cat which has no identifiable purebred characteristics.)

Appearance / lifespan:
Mixed Breed / Domestic cats come in an astonishing variety of body types and coats.

Body types range from: the "Oriental", which refers to any cats with an elongated slender build, almond-shaped eyes, long nose and large ears; to the "Cobby", a cat with a muscular, compact build and roundish eyes, short nose and small ears.

Domestic cats are often labeled by the length of their coat: as a DSH - Domestic Shorthair; DLH - Domestic Longhair; or DMH - Domestic Medium length hair.

Domestic cats come in many patterns; some of the most common types being:

  • Tuxedo: the Tuxedo cat is mainly black. It has a white chest and sometimes markings on the face, paws and legs.
  • Tabby: the Tabby cat is striped all over, and can occur in different patterns.
  • Tortoiseshell: the Tortoiseshell coat is mottled with red and black, usually over a white coat.
  • Colorpoint: the Colorpoint cat has dark colors on the face, ears and feet and tail. The Siamese is an example of a cat with this coloration pattern.

Behavior / temperament:
The Mixed Breed/Domestic cat is as variable as the many breeds it comes from. They may be loyal and affectionate, or independent and aloof. Many get along with other cats, and even dogs, and some will be happiest as an “only child”. A Mixed Breed/Domestic cat may be playful, curious, and active, or quiet and lazy. Some are good with children, and some are not. There is probably a Mixed Breed/Domestic cat for just about every owner preference!


great purrsonality, quiet demeanor, indoor/outdoor cat, snuggle loving cats, marvelous companions


independent animals, flea allergies, kidney failure, temperamental cat, clean litter box


foster/rescue situations, unique personalities, nocturnal beast, great barn cats, human mental health

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