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The basics:
The LaPerm is a charming cat with a distinctive curly coat. Their shaggy curls and ringlets are unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen on a cat, and their name derives from the popular hairstyling technique. This cat didn’t need a salon to achieve this signature look, and is the surprising result of a spontaneous genetic mutation: the first LaPerm was born in a barn on a cherry farm in Oregon, to a distinctly non-curly tabby mother.

Though some have claimed that the LaPerm’s unique coat makes them hypoallergenic, no genuinely hypoallergenic cat exists. They lack an undercoat and shed very little making grooming a breeze, but allergies are usually triggered by cat saliva and dander from the skin, not the hair. If you’re hoping to get a LaPerm for this reason, make sure to spend time with one first to see how your allergies respond. Once you get to know one of these friendly and outgoing cats, you might just decide to get allergy shots anyway!

Appearance / health:
The curly-coated LaPerm is a medium sized cat of average build. The head is somewhat wedge shaped with rounded contours and full whisker pads. The muzzle is slightly broad with a gently convex nose. The ears are medium to large with tufts of hair and sometimes lynx-like ear tips. The eyes are medium large, almond-shaped and slightly slanted. All variety of eye colors are possible.

The coat of the LaPerm may be short or medium-long, but the signature look of ringlets, waves, and curls is most pronounced in the longhaired coat. The longhaired LaPerm may have a neck ruff and plumed curly-haired tail. Their fur takes on an almost shaggy, unkempt appearance with loose, bouncy curls and waves that stand away from the body. The hair is fine, and your fingers can easily run through it without snags or tangles. The shorthaired LaPerm will have a tail more like a bottle brush, and no neck ruff. Unlike many of the Rex breeds, the LaPerm’s coat is not wiry. The texture for both the long and shorthaired variety is springy, standing away from the body, and the softness of the coat will vary from cat to cat. All coat colors and patterns are possible. The LaPerm lacks an undercoat, sheds very little, and is not prone to matting.

Behavior / temperament:
The clever and clown-like LaPerm makes an affectionate and attentive companion. They prefer to be involved in the things you do, and are very people oriented: if you’re active, your LaPerm will be active and if you’re ready to relax on the couch, so is your LaPerm. They like to be picked up and held, and are generally quite happy to be a lap cat. They also like to explore, and they may be particularly good at manipulating doors and cupboards open with their paws. They like to seek out high places so if you feel like someone’s watching you, check the top of the bookcases for your LaPerm.

Social, gentle, and loving, the LaPerm makes for a great family pet, and they get along well both with children and other household pets. They don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time, and this is


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