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The basics:
With a sheen of silver fur, it’s maybe not surprising that the loveable Korat is a symbol of wealth and good fortune in their native Thailand. Their sweet face and loving disposition have made them a cherished gift in centuries past, and it was tradition to gift a pair of Korats to newlywed couples. Until recently, Korats were never sold, but only given as gifts.

The Korat is not a common breed, but those that have discovered this lively but gentle cat have become their loyal fans. The Korat is interested, but not overly demanding; cuddly, but not a couch potato. Their coats are easy to maintain and they shed relatively little. This is not, however, a low-maintenance cat. The Korat will be happiest in a home where they are included as part of the family, and given plenty of opportunities for play and affection

Appearance / health:
he Korat is a cat with a small to medium build, and a compact, muscular frame. They have broad, strong shoulders with a tapering waist, and they’re often much heavier than they appear! Their heart-shaped face and oversized green eyes are a defining characteristic of the breed, although yellow and amber eyes are also possible. The ears are large and rounded, set high on the head so that the Korat has an alert, attentive look.

The Korat comes in only one color: a silver-tipped blue that gives the Korat’s coat something of a shimmering silver sheen. The coat is short and close-lying to the body, emphasizing the muscular lines of the cat’s frame. The fur is fine and glossy, and they lack an undercoat, making their grooming and shedding very manageable.

Behavior / temperament:
The Korat is a sweet-natured, friendly, lively and loyal breed. They like to be involved in everything you do, and you’ll seldom be alone when living with a Korat. In turn, the Korat would like to seldom be alone. They’re particularly fond of other Korats, so if you have to leave your cat for long periods, you should consider having two.

While fun-loving and playful, the Korat is also very gentle and does well playing with children. However, the Korat has a keen sense of hearing and dislikes loud or harsh noises. For this reason, the Korat will be happier with older children, and may hide in a noisy, boisterous household.

The Korat bonds closely with their human companions, and they’re an enthusiastic snuggler. The Korat will be happiest when given plenty of lap time, and maybe a spot on the bed to snuggle close at night.


Superb temperaments, entertaining cat, snuggle, Personality plus, intelligent


mischievous boy, avoids strangers, vocal diva Princess


vocal, little grey nose, chatty cats, high energy, outdoor cat

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