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Is the Junglebob right for you?

The basics:
The Junglebob is not a cat for the faint of heart! They can easily weigh in at over 20lbs, and have vigor, athleticism, and intelligence that often surpasses that found in your typical domestic cat. However, if you’re looking to satisfy the itch of owning a wild cat without the problems that come with having a wild “pet”, then the Junglebob might be a good compromise.

The Junglebob is actually farther removed from its wild heritage than many of the hybrid breeds. They’re the result of crossing the Chausie (a Jungle Cat/Domestic cat hybrid) with a Pixie-bob (who may be a Bobcat/Domestic cat hybrid). The Junglebob is sometimes outcrossed to other breeds, including the Bengal, Highland Lynx, Desert Lynx, Snow bob, American Bobtail, Main Coon, Siberian, Savannah, or even back to the Jungle Cat.

Though fully domesticated, hybrid breeds like the Junglebob often retain some wild cat traits. Though generally a good-natured, friendly, and loyal cat, the Junglebob is also very active, athletic, and clever. This is not a cat to sit idly by, or to be content with long days at home alone. In many ways, the hybrid breeds require more dog-like attention, including walks and extended interactive playtimes. They’re bigger, they’re going to eat more, and some may not do well on the dry kibble typically fed to housecats. On the other hand, the Junglebob will be a dynamic companion with a big personality who will be your friend for life!

Appearance / health:
Breeders of the Junglebob have worked to give the breed a very bobcat-like appearance. They’re a medium –to-large breed with cats on the larger end of the spectrum often weighing in at over 20lbs. They have a heavy build with big bones, well-muscled, with powerful long hind legs that boost their back end slightly higher than the shoulders. They have a thick muzzle with prominent whisker pads. The ears are medium-to-large, and sit high on the head with bobcat-like eartips. They’re bred to have short tails (between 2.5” to 6” in length), but should not be tailless. They often have extra toes (polydactyly).

The Junglebob may have short or medium-long hair, though the longhaired variety may have longer hair around the face, belly, legs, and tail. They have a spotted pattern which may be marbled or leopard spot, or smaller ticked spotting. They come in shades of gold, bronze, and brown tabby, but also silver, snow, and sepia.

Behavior / temperament:
The Junglebob is a very loyal cat who bonds closely to their owners. They have an intense play-style, and may even enjoy a game of tug-o-war. Don’t be intimidated by their puppy-like growl, this is usually a very affectionate cat. They will crave activities that involve interacting with people, including fetch.

Some Junglebobs are quiet social with strangers, but others may be quite shy. Because of their intense play style, young children should be closely supervised when playing with the Junglebob. This is a cat for someone with an active lifestyle, and you won’t find this cat lying around. They’re curious and athletic, and they’ll explore every corner of the house, climbing atop cupboards and bookshelves, and maybe even manipulating doors and cabinets open. The Junglebob shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time, and should be given plenty of opportunities to jump and climb.


inteligent cats, poly-dactyl toes, beautiful spotted tabby

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