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The basics:
The rare and beautiful Havana Brown has a coat that will make chocoholics swoon: this cat only comes in one stunning color - a rich mahogany brown. With a sweet temperament to match their cocoa coats, this outgoing breed has a reputation for being one of the most kid-friendly breeds of cats, and if you’re looking for a feline friend to greet you at the door, the Havana Brown may be for you. Don’t expect this cat to sit quietly by while you go about your day – Havana Browns will enthusiastically include themselves in everything you do!

Though solid brown cats have been known to exist for centuries, the rich, chestnut coat of the Havana Brown was achieved in the 1950’s by crossing chocolate-point and seal-point Siamese with domestic black cats. Though this originally occurred in England, today’s Havana Browns are largely the result of American breeding. In Europe, efforts were made to emphasize a more oriental, Siamese-look, and today these cats are often registered as Oriental Shorthairs. In addition, The International Cat Association began accepting Havana “Browns” with lilac coats, and in that particular breed registry, the breed is now listed simply as the Havana.

Appearance / health:
The Havana Brown is a medium-sized, lithe, muscular, and elegant cat usually weighing between six to ten pounds. The head is moderately large and longer than it I wide, with a pointed muzzle which has a distinct stop before changing direction at the eyes. The eyes are large and oval eyes, and always a shade of green. In the show world, the Havana Brown is the only breed whose whiskers must be a particular color – brown, to match their coat. The cat has large triangular ears that are round-tipped and stand erect normally. The legs of the cat are straight and muscular and the tail is long, slender, and slightly tapering towards the end.

The Havana Brown’s coat is short-to-medium length, glossy and smooth. The typical coat color of the Havana Brown is reddish-brown or dark brown with no tabby markings or shading – the coat should be a solid shade across the entire body. A lighter lilac color is also possible, but it’s not accepted as standard for the breed in some breed registries.

Behavior / temperament:
The Havana Brown is an outgoing, interactive, and people-oriented cat. They want to be involved in all household activities, and being a somewhat vocal breed, will like to chat about it, too. Havana Browns will not thrive if left alone for long periods of time. They do enjoy the companionship of other pets (even dogs!) so making sure your cat has a furry friend at home may tide them over until you get back.

This is a curious and intelligent breed, and the Havana Brown is known for using its paws to manipulate cupboards, drawers, and tossing around toys. Though this cat likes to interact with the environment, they’re not known to be overly destructive.


intelligent, chocolate brown, beautiful cats, humanfriendly cat, beautiful glossy coat


skittish little cat, strangers


Play fetch, golden eyes

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