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The basics:
The German Rex, with their unusual curly coat and whiskers, is the result of a natural genetic mutation. They’re very similar to the Cornish Rex in coat and personality, and share the Cornish’s clownish nature and sociability, but the two breeds have separate origins. The original German Rex was, unsurprisingly, German: a curly-coated black cat that turned up in the garden of a German hospital. This original German Rex was named “Lammchen”, which means “little lamb” in German, and referred to the novel texture and wave of the cat’s coat.

Though some Rex breeds are rumored to be hypoallergenic, no such cat exists, and since allergic reactions are usually caused by saliva and dander, not fur, it is unlikely that the German Rex’s sparse coat grants any advantages to those allergic. Because the German Rex has less hair to absorb oils, they may require more human intervention in the form of wipe-downs and baths to help them stay clean. It’s possible that because the Rex breeds are frequently bathed, there is less dander and saliva present to provoke allergic reactions. None-the-less, a potential owner should spend some time with a German Rex before choosing this breed for that reason.

Appearance / health:
The German Rex is a medium-sized cat with a muscular build, long and somewhat thin legs, and a medium length tail. They have a rounded head, full cheeks, and medium-to-large ear, rounded at the tip. The eyes are medium and round, but wide-opened. The most distinct part of the German Rex is their unusual short, curly coat. There are no guard hairs which give the German Rex’s coat an additional soft and velvety texture. In addition to their wavy curls, the German Rex’s whiskers are also curled.

The German Rex comes in all recognized coat colors and patterns, though chocolate, lilac, and colorpoint varieties are not accepted by all cat associations.

Behavior / temperament:
The German Rex is a highly social, outgoing, and enthusiastic cat. They love to play, entertaining themselves for hours, throwing toys through the air, skidding down halls, and otherwise clowning around. They are acrobatic and nimble, making impressive leaps in pursuit of toys and bugs. Curious and intelligent, they like to be involved in everything, and they’ll explore your home from top to bottom.

The German Rex will not be content if left alone for long periods of time. They thrive on companionship, and like to be the center of attention. They’ll happily befriend children as playmates, and make wonderful family pets. When the German Rex finally wears themselves out, they make a happy lap cat.


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