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The basics:
The otherworldly Devon Rex makes quite an impression: an elfin face, captivatingly large, round eyes, oversized ears, all wrapped in a short, disheveled coat of curly fur. Add to this their curious, mischievous, pixie-like personality, and you’ve got a cat like no other.

Though they may look like they’re from another planet, the dainty Devon Rex happened by chance in Devon, England when a curly coated tom won the love of tortie and white stray, who found herself a home just in time for her babies to be born. One kitten of this litter resembled his curly-coated dad, and he became the founding father of the now-beloved breed.

For a little cat, the Devon Rex has a big personality. They’re sometimes described as dog-like for their loyalty and their tendency to follow their favored family member around the house. Intelligent and playful, they can be taught tricks, and adapt well to walking on the leash. Though some have suggested that the Devon Rex is a hypoallergenic breed, this is simply not true, though anecdotally people have claimed to be less affected by them. If allergies area concern, time should be spent with a Devon Rex before choosing this breed, as this is a cat who will be all over you: on your lap, perched on your shoulder, snuggled beneath the covers, and rubbing their face affectionately against yours.

Appearance / lifespan:
To say the Devon Rex is an unusual looking cat is an understatement. They are small to medium sized with a delicate bone structure, though broad-chested and actually quite muscular. The font legs are long, and thin, but the hind legs are more substantial: the Devon Rex actually has impressive jumping prowess. Their tail is long and tapering.

The Devon Rex’s face is unmistakable. The head, small in comparison to the cat’s size, is a rounded wedge-shape, and sits atop a long and thin neck. Three distinct convex curves form the outline of the Devon Rex’s face: at the outer edge of the earlobe, the cheekbones, and the whisker pads. The forehead curves up to a fairly flat skull. The muzzle is short but well defined, with a sharp bend just below eye level. The low-set ears are very large with a broad base tapering to a rounded tip. The eyes are large, oval-to-round, with a slight upward slant, and may come in all possible colors.

The Devon Rex’s coat lacks the outer guard hairs, so what remains is a fine, wavy coat which can range from disheveled curls to a soft suede-like down. The coat is short over the whole body, but may be particularly sparse on the top of the head, neck, chest, and abdomen. The Devon Rex comes in all possible colors and patterns.

Behavior / temperament:
The Devon Rex is intelligent, inquisitive, and at times, mischievous. This is active who loves to play, particularly if the games involve others. They learn tricks easily, and are known to enjoy fetching. Being powerful jumpers, no high place will be left unexplored by the Devon Rex. The Devon Rex is a very affectionate and social cat, and their friendliness extends to people, other cats, dogs, and occasionally even other pets like ferrets, birds, or rabbits. The Devon Rex is particularly fond of children, seeing them as natural best friends and playmates.

This cat is a cuddler, and will leave no lap unoccupied. Combined with their affection and devotion, this means the you are never likely to be far from your Devon Rex: they’ll cuddle with you on the couch, snuggle under the blankets at night, or nestle up by your face, cheek to cheek. They are low maintenance cats, occasionally requiring an ear cleaning, a quick brush and a nail trim.


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