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The basics:
Like a little domestic bobcat for your home, the Desert Lynx has a wild appearance and the temperament of a pampered pet. This is an exotic hybrid breed, achieved by crossing Bobcats with a variety of domestic breeds, including the Maine Coon, Manx, American Bobtail, American Lynx, and Pixie Bob. Today, Desert Lynx are many generations removed from their wild heritage and as much prized for their people-loving and somewhat dog-like disposition as they are valued for their unique physical characteristics.

The Desert Lynx is fully domesticated, and there is no need for a special license to own one, or to feed them a special diet (though they will do best on something of high quality, high protein). They are trustworthy family pets, outgoing, playful, and loyal. This is a new and rare breed, and they’re currently only recognized by a few of the more exotic breed registries.

Appearance / lifespan:
The Desert Lynx Cat has a muscular, solid body with powerful hind quarters and the rear higher then front. This results in a cat which has a Bobcat-looking body. The tails of the Desert Lynx come in different length from rumpie to 3/4 tail (to the hock).

Desert Lynx have spotted, marbled, or clouded coats in a range of colors from Snow's to Silver, Blue, Gray, Copper, Charcoal, Chocolate, or Ebony. They all have belly spots, and bar stripes around the legs and sometimes down the back and tail. The tails of the Desert Lynx come in different length from rumpie to 3/4 tail (to the hock).

Behavior / temperament:
The Desert Lynx is described as having a doglike personality. They are loyal, out-going, and people-loving. The may follow their owners around the house, come when they’re called, and be taught to play fetch. They are good family pets, and get along well with children and other pets.


crazy fun energy, human interact, large ears


plastic spring toys, poly paw kitten, straight ears

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