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Is the Colorpoint Shorthair right for you?

The basics:
If you’ve looked at the Colorpoint Shorthair and thought “That looks like a Siamese!” you’re not wrong, in fact, depending on who you ask, the Colorpoint Shorthair is a Siamese with new colors. The breeds are very, very closely related: the array of colors and patterns achieved in the Colorpoint Shorthair was accomplished by crossing the Siamese with red tabby domestic shorthairs and Abyssinians. To maintain the Siamese build and temperament, that cross was bread back to the Siamese. The result is at least 16 new color and pattern combinations, all with the unique build and big personality that the Siamese is famous for.

They say that cats can make more than 100 different vocal sounds, and when you live with a Colorpoint Shorthair, you’ll probably get to hear every one of them. This is a cat who will like to discuss with you, at length, his happiness, his sadness, his empty food dish, and his need for immediate attention. If you value the sound of unbroken silence, this is not the cat for you.

The Colorpoint Shorthair is not for everyone. Those looking for an independent, laid-back cat should look elsewhere. Likewise, those looking for a quiet on unobtrusive companion will be frustrated. On the other hand, if you want a cat that will leave you feeling loved, adored, and needed, and you don’t a bit of chattiness, the Colorpoint Shorthair might be one to consider. They are a dynamic and loving companion who is more like a chatty roommate than a pet.

While not hypoallergenic, the Colorpoint’s short coat is relatively low on dander, which makes them a better option for the cat lover with allergies.

Appearance / health:
The Colorpoint Shorthair is an elegantly build cat. Their medium-sized body is slender and sleek, with long, tapering lines: long in length, long in leg, long in face, and long in tail. They are fine-boned, yet muscular. Their head and face is distinctly Siamese, though they tend towards the Traditional build rather than Contemporary with features that are slightly less extreme. The wedge-shaped head tapers to a long, straight nose. When seen in profile, the nose is a straight and flat from top to tip, one long line from the forehead to the tip of the nose, without break or curve. The ears are large with a wide base and a pointed tip. The eyes are another distinct feature, almond shaped, slanted towards the nose, and in beautiful, vivid shades of blue.

The Colorpoint Shorthair’s coat is short and fine, lying close to the body, and tends to have a glossy sheen. The coat’s wide range of colors and patterns is what defines the breed. They are pointed, like the Siamese, with colored faces, ears, feet and tail, and a white or cream body. Point colors include red point (flame point), cream point, cinnamon point, fawn point, seal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point. In addition, the following patterned points are possible: lynx point (in any color), tortie point (in any color), and torbie point (in any color).

The Colorpoint Shorthair is prone to a few health conditions, and it’s important to choose cats from reputable, responsible breeders. Amyloidosis, a disease that primarily affects the liver, is common in all members of the Siamese family. They also have a somewhat higher-than-average tendency towards heart disease. And though it’s not strictly a problem, like the Siamese, they may be cross-eyed.

Behavior / temperament:
The Colorpoint Shorthair, and their Siamese counterparts, is well known and loved for loyalty and deep affection towards their owners. You are their world, and they expect that in return that they are your world. When you sit, they’ll be in your lap. When you sleep, they’ll be in your bed. The Colorpoint Shorthair wants to be your best friend, and they happily give as much affection as they receive, and are known to be empathetic to their owner’s sad moods. As such a social cat, the Colorpoint Shorthair should not be left along for long periods of time, and it’s not a bad idea to have two so they can keep each other company. They can be sensitive with a somewhat nervous temperament, and don’t always adapt well to change.

Involved and interactive, your Colorpoint Shorthair is a bit like having a furry toddler attached to your hip: they’d like to know everything you’re doing, and they have a million questions and things to say. This is a highly vocal breed, not afraid to be loud or demanding. They’re intelligent and curious, so don’t be surprised if they explore your cupboards and drawers while you’re at work. Playful, agile, and athletic, they’ll explore from floor to ceiling, and when bored, they may be highly inventive in the games they play. It’s good to keep a broad variety of rotating toys onhand, lest the Colorpoint Shorthair decided to count how many squares on a roll of toilet paper.


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