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Is the Cheetoh right for you?

The basics:
The Cheetoh is a newly developed cat breed which is a result of crossing the Bengal and Ocicat breeds. The goal of the crossbreeding was to create and intelligent, friendly cat retaining the dramatic spotted coat of the Bengal, and the taller, leggy stature of the Ocicat. The Cheetoh may look wild, but the breed is far, far removed from any wild cat ancestry: the closest it gets is through the Bengal side of its foundation breeding, and even the Bengal is many generations removed from its wild Jungle Cat heritage.

The Cheetoh is not a small cat. The average adult can weigh between 15 and 23lbs! With their dramatic spots and a low, stalking walk, the Cheetoh is certainly an eye-catcher. Forunately, despite the large stature and fierce appearance, the Cheetoh is a gentle and docile breed. It’s a friendly, sweet-natured, and fun-loving cat, happy to be a part of a busy household. Unlike the Bengal, the Cheetoh does not have excessively high energy, and a loving family with time to play will keep this cat happy.

Appearance / health:
Large and muscular, yet sleek and agile, the Cheetoh has a lean and wild look. They have a low, stalking walk that contributes to the impression of their wildness. The head is modified wedge shape, broad at forehead tapering down to a narrow but strong chin. The nose is broad with a gentle curve. The ears are medium to large, and have a broad base with rounded tips. Their large, almond-shaped eyes can come in a variety of colors: bronze, gold, copper, green, brown, or hazel. The eyes are usually darkly bordered, like eye-liner, and some have a secondary ring of lighter or white colored fur.

The coat of the Cheetoh is short, thick, and shiny with a velvety texture. The defining characteristic is their cheetah-like spots or rosettes. Coat color combinations include black\brown spotted sienna, black\brown spotted tan, black spotted smoke, black spotted silver, and lynx-pointed gold spotted snow.

The Cheetoh is mostly a heathy breed, they they may be susceptible to knee condition called luxatin patella.

Behavior / temperament:
The Cheetoh is a cat of wild-look, but docile temperament. They are playful, but gentle, and they do well with children. This is a breed that bonds very closely to its owners, so while the Cheetoh is not as demanding of stimulation as the Bengal, they still should not be left alone for long periods of time. Social, curious, and intelligent, the Cheetoh prefers to spend time in your company, and is more than happy to get involved in what you’re doing.

The Cheetoh is an athletic cat, and should be given opportunities to run and climb. They are graceful and nimble, so they probably won’t knock everything off your shelves…just the stuff that might be fun to play with! When choosing toys, make sure you have some that are interactive, as the Cheetoh prefers playing with you to playing alone. They are also intelligent and easy to train. They may be very open to walking on leash.

If you love the wild look but the Bengal is just a little more cat than you’re ready for, the Cheetoh is a more beginner-friendly option.

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