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The basics:
The Brazilian Shorthair has come a long way from its humble origins as a feral street cat in Brazil. Called the “Pelo Curto Brasileiro” in its native country, it was developed by selecting cats with a distinctive look from local populations. It is thought that the original breed stems from the British Shorthair of the United Kingdom, brought by Europeans at the time of Brazil’s colonization by Portugal. Regardless, much has changed about the breed in its journey from street cat to purebred. It is the first cat from Brazil to receive international recognition, and its social and affectionate nature has won fans at home and abroad.

Appearance / lifespan:
The Brazilian Shorthair is a medium-to-large cat, muscular, but slender. Though it has many characteristics in common with the American Shorthair, it can be distinguished from that breed by a sleeker build. The head is wedge-shaped, longer than it is broad, with a slightly convex profile and a firm lower jaw and chin. Males of this breed will have noticeably larger heads than females. The eyes of the Brazilian Shorthair are large, round, and very expressive. Eye color can vary widely, and most colors are possible.

With a short, silky hair that lacks an undercoat, the Brazilian Shorthair is an easy cat to groom, with little shedding. The Brazilian Shorthair can come in all recognized patterns and colors, except for pointed coloration.

Behavior / temperament:
The Brazilian Shorthair is a social and affectionate cat. They will involve themselves in your day-to-day activities, and thrive on human contact. They have a somewhat high energy level, and should be given lots of opportunities to play. They do well with children and other pets, though they are an accomplished hunter, and caution should be taken around small animals and birds.


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