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Is the Bombay right for you?

The basics:
With a sleek, midnight black coat, muscular frame, and copper penny eyes, it’s no wonder the Bombay is sometimes called a “house” or “parlor” panther. Their exotic look is where the jungle cat analogy ends, however: the Bombay is a fully domestic cat, the product of a breeding program which bred a majestic black American Shorthair to a beautiful sable Burmese. The result is a stunningly beautiful cat with a mischievous, affectionate, and family-loving personality. If you’re looking for a cat that is just a little bit ‘dog’ and a little bit ‘monkey’, read on because the Bombay might be for you!

A distinction is made in some circles between Bombays bred in Australia and New Zealand, which are referred to as "Australian Bombays", and Bombays bred in the USA or from lines imported from USA, which are referred to simply as "Bombays".

Appearance / health:
The Bombay is a medium-sized cat with a robust frame and a muscular build. They have a round head with a short muzzle, and medium, wide-set ears. Their eyes are large, round, and come in brilliant shades of gold and copper – the eyes of the Bombay are one of their most distinguishing characteristics. The Bombay’s coat is short, satiny, and lies close to the body, and only requires minimal grooming. The Bombay comes in one color and one color only: gleaming, glossy, pitch black down to the very root of the hair. The toes and nose of the Bombay should be black as well.

The Bombay is a healthy breed with a long life span, living 15 to 20 years.

Behavior / temperament:
The Bombay loves to be loved, and they will be your constant companion if you’ll let them. They crave attention and cuddling, but unlike some lap-cats, the Bombay also has an inquisitive, mischievous, and playful side. This, combined with their easy-going and affectionate nature, makes the Bombay a particularly great family pet. The Bombay is anything but an independent cat, and they dislike being alone for long periods. For this reason, some Bombay owners choose to have two cats, so they can keep one another company. At the end of the day, the Bombay will be there at the door, welcoming you home with a head-butt and a purr.

The Bombay is a vocal breed, and not necessarily soft spoken. Be prepared for a highly opinionated cat that wants to have their say!


social nature, Mini Panthers, affectionate blackcats, velvet coats, temperament


urinary tract infection, insistent meowing


unique vocalizations, Louisville Original Bombays, Golden eye, vocal cat

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