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The basics:
If you’re looking for the perfect housecat, book a ticket for the Land Down Under. Australia’s only native cat breed, the Australian Mist, is a cat bred to be the perfect indoor companion.

Concerned about the effect cats were having on wildlife, including the decline and even extinction of native species, in 1976 a woman named Truda Straede began to develop a breed that could thrive as an indoor-only pet. The Australian Mist was the result, a crossing of the Burmese, Abyssinian, and a variety of domestic shorthaired cats. In the Australian Mist was achieved a mellow cat with few extremes: medium in size, mild of temperament with a moderate activity level, and extraordinarily friendliness. Unfortunately, this loving breed hasn’t made it far from its homeland: there is a very small breeding program in the UK, but the only cats imported to America were spayed and neutered to prevent offspring.

The Australian Mist was originally known as the Spotted Mist, or Spottie. The name was changed to reflect national pride in the breed, and to acknowledge the acceptance of the marbled tabby as part of the breed standard.

Appearance / health:
The Australian Mist is a medium sized, short-haired cat. The head is round with broad nose, chin, and whisker pads. Coupled with large, green eyes, the Mist has an open and attentive expression. The Australian Mist’s coat has 3 distinct aspects: a pale, solid base color, a pattern, and a random ticking (a hair shaft with multiple layers of color) of the base coat. It is the ticking that gives this cat the “misty” appearance described in its name. The patterns can be either spotted or striped, with stripes appearing on the main body, legs, tail, and around the neck and face. The Mist comes in a combination of 7 colors: brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold, and peach. The Australian Mist lacks an undercoat which means it sheds very little, a highly desirable characteristic for an indoor pet.

The Australian mist is an overall healthy cat, though they may be prone to weight gain, so feeding should be regulated. Their life expectancy averages between 15 and 18 years.

Behavior / temperament:
Above all, the Australian Mist was designed to be a people-loving cat, loving and personable. They are quite tolerant of being handled, and have good patience with children of all ages. Young children should be monitored when spending time with the Australian Mist, so their sweet nature doesn’t result in rough-handling. The Australian Mist is a cat who thrives on human contact, and should be in a home where they get frequent attention and lap-time. They are a particularly great pet for the elderly or those who may be home-bound and in need of a gentle companion. Their amicable personality makes them easy to integrate with other pets in the home.

The Australian Mist is a lively kitten, but mellows towards adulthood. They remain playful, but they have a moderate activity level and are not overly-boisterous. They may be taught to walk on a leash in order


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