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The basics:
The fishermen of the cat world, the Aegean cat has a surprising affinity for water and catching fish. Though rarely found outside of Greece, they are a common sight in feral colonies there, especially near fishing ports where they befriend the local fishermen in hopes of a handout. The Aegean cat is also valued as a pet, and is considered a national treasure. They are one of the oldest domesticated cats on earth, and have been on the Greek mainland and the Cycladic Islands for thousands of years. The Aegean cat is a naturally occurring breed, meaning that they developed without the intervention of human breeding programs, though a formal breeding program was started in the 1990s.

Appearance / lifespan:
The Aegean Cat is medium-sized with a muscular build, generally weighing 9lbs to 10lbs. They have almond-shaped eyes, most commonly in a shade of green. Their coat length varies by season, with semi-long hair during cooler months, shedding to a shorter coat in the summer.

Aegean cats have bicolor or tricolor coats, with white always present as one of the colors. In addition to white, they may have colors of black, red, blue, or cream. They may have tabby striping.

As a naturally occuring breed, Aegeans have developed as a very healthy cat.

Behavior / temperament:
The Aegean is a very tolerant and social breed, and enjoys interracting with people. They are intelligent and active, and have developed excellent skills as predators. Aegean cats developed on the islands of the Aegean Sea, and thus have a natural affinity for water and fishing.


sweetheart, best friend, perfect companion, glorious coat


constant attention, hairballs


Greece, quiet cat, stray cats, incredible jumping ability, large scratching post

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