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Arabian Mau

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The basics:
For over 1000 years the Arabian Mau has roamed the cities and deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. Though often still seen roaming the streets in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, the Mau has become a cherished member of many households. As a naturally developed breed, the Arabian Mau has stayed very true to its natural feline inclinations, and the potential owner of this cat should be prepared for a companion that is intelligent, savvy, and athletic.  Arabian Maus can also be affectionate and social pets, with a natural curiosity that drives them to greet every guest at the door.

Appearance / health:
The Arabian Mau is a medium sized cat with a solid, muscular body, and long legs. The head is round, with a long face and a slightly concave nose. The Arabian Mau’s has slightly slanted, oval eyes that come in all varieties common to cats. Their ears are distinct, large and pointed, and developed to help the cat dissipate body heat in the scorching temperatures of the desert. Likewise, they a short-haired and entirely lack an undercoat, which means they shed very little. Coat colors and patterns are varied, but tend towards combinations of blacks, browns, grey, and white, as well as red and brown tabbies.

As a natural breed, the Arabian Mau has remained a hardy and healthy cat.

Behavior / temperament:
The Arabian Mau is loving cat, devoted to its owner. Social and interactive, the Arabian Mau will enjoy spending time with its owner, but may not be much of a lap cat. They are active, curious, and athletic with superior jumping skills, so expect to see them perched in the highest recesses of your home.  Because they evolved to survive the harsh desert climate of the Arabian Peninsula, the Arabian Mau may tend to be less active during the day and more active at night. They tend to be good hunters, and are not picky about their food. The Arabian Mau gets along well with older children and other animals, though males may be territorial towards other males.

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