Tippler Pigeon

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Species group:

Other common names: N/A

Scientific name: Columba livia domestica

The basics:
The Tippler is a specialized breed of pigeon developed from sporting breeds like the highfliers, the tumblers, and the rollers. This performance bird competes to see who can last the longest in endurance flying competitions.

With these high-performance pigeons, their looks come second to their ability to endure long hours of flying. You can find Tipplers in a variety of colors, but if you're seeking a competitive specimen, look first at its ability rather than its plumage.

650-750 grams (23-27oz.)

Average size:
29 - 30 centimeters (11.5 in.)

7 - 10 years

Behavior /temperament:
If you want to learn the best way to fly your Tipplers, you need to connect with other serious hobbyists in order to learn the best methods of training your pigeons to perform. Any bird that is expected to fly more than eighteen hours will need to be able to learn how to land in the dark.

While a single pet retired from performing could be housed in a roomy cage or flight like any other pet pigeon, a kit of performing Tipplers will need a specialized loft.

These tough pigeons should not be overfed but you will probably want to talk to more experienced competitors to see how they're currently feeding their winners. Like other fancy pigeons, they eat a diet that's heavy on relatively inexpensive seeds and grains, but you should also be willing to supply some greens and perhaps some vitamins in the water.

Written by Elaine Radford

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