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Species group:

Other common names: Mexican House Finch, Hollywood Finch

Scientific name: Haemorhous mexicanus or Carpodacus mexicanus

The basics:
The House Finch is a native protected species which is illegal to keep as a pet in the United States without a special permit. However, there is little incentive for North Americans to own them, since they can be enjoyed just as easily by allowing them to visit a bird feeder or to nest in a hanging plant outside a window. Because of their confiding nature and heavily vegetarian diet, these finches may be relatively easy beginner's birds in countries where they are legal to hold.

They originated in the western United States and Mexico. According to most accounts, they arrived in the eastern United States around 1940, when they were sold illegally in the New York City area as Hollywood finches. When law enforcement cracked down, pet stores and owners apparently released the birds into the wild. There are now millions – if not over a billion – of these hardy birds surviving in the wild in eastern North America.

There is still some debate about the taxonomy of this species, with some experts moving them from the genus Carpodacus into Haemorhous..

The females and youngsters are unremarkable finches, but adult males develop a variable amount of red in their plumage that makes them a stand-out.

21 grams (0.7 oz.)

Average size:
14 centimeters (5.5 in.)

11 years

Behavior / temperament:
House Finches aren't hands-on pets but they appear to enjoy being near people as long as you keep your hands on your side of the cage bars. Some people have reportedly trained their males to sing by allowing them to hear canary tapes.

Like any other finch, House Finches exercise by flying and are entitled to the largest flight cage you can afford. A colony would probably be best kept in a large walk-in aviary.

Unlike many finches which rely on insects and grubs to to raise their young, House Finches seem to do well year-round on a heavily plant-based diet. A good wild bird or finch seed mix could be supplemented with sunflower and millet sprays. For a well-rounded diet, they also need access to fresh green food like wild mustard and chickweed as well as a variety of chopped fruits and berries.

Written by Elaine Radford


soothing singing voice.I, lovely temperament


occasional bickering session, plain brown bird

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House Finch

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