Maranon Poison Frog

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Other common names: Marañón Poison Frog; Rana Venenosa

Scientific name: Excidobates mysteriosus

The basics:
The Marañón Poison Frog is a poison dart frog which is found only in a small geographical area near the city of Santa Rosa in Northwest of Peru. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), Excidobates mysteriosus is "endangered".

The Marañón Poison Frog is quite rare in captivity - though it appears to be more common in the Europe trade than in North America.

Appearance / health:
Excidobates mysteriosus has a dark brown body which is covered in large white spots.

Behavior / temperament:
Like other poison dart frogs, the skin of the Marañón Poison Frog contains toxins. However, when raised in captivity, captive bred specimens never develop their toxins. They are diurnal, meaning they are active throughout the day but may also be out at night. Like all amphibians and especially dart frogs, these are not to be handled. They are much too fragile and flighty for safe handling. Always corral them into a cup with a ventilated lid when doing tank maintenance.

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