Green and Golden Bell Frog

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Other common names: Green Bell Frog; Green and Golden Swamp Frog; Golden Bell Frog; Green Frog

Scientific name: Litoria aurea

The basics:
The Green and Golden Bell Frog is a ground dwelling frog which is native to coastal lowland areas of eastern Australia. It is found in a variety of different kinds of bodies of water, and breeds in ephemeral ponds. It is active during the day and preys on other frogs.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), the wild population is "listed as Vulnerable because of a population decline, estimated to be more than 30% over the last ten years, based on an observed reduction in the number of mature individuals, Area of Occupamcy, number of locations, the extent and quality of its habitats, and the effects of chytridiomycosis and introduced predators."

Appearance / health:
The Green and Golden Bell Frog is dull olive to bright emerald-green in color. It is a large frog, reaching 90mm in size.


beautiful emeraldgreen frog, cool pet Frogs, fairly active frog


live diet


Larry Long Leg, proper breeding tank, Australia, separate nursery area

Green and Golden Bell Frog Behavior Tip

Green and Golden Bell Frog

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