Asian Painted Frog

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Other common names: Chubby Frog; Malaysian Narrow-Mouthed Frog; Asian Bullfrog; Painted Frog; Rice Frog; Bubble Frog

Scientific name: Kaloula pulchra

The basics:
The Asian Painted Frog is
a small frog which is native to much of Southeast Asia. They are mostly terrestrial, and are found in a variety
of habitats, from forest floors and rice paddies to villages and towns. The Asian Painted Frog is a voracious feeder of insects and is a nocturnal species.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) the wild population of Asian Painted Frog is listed as being of "Least concern". In fact, they have been introduced and have become established in several nations in which they are not native, and are considered a potential invasive species. All specimens of Asian Painted Frog in the pet trade are wild caught.

Appearance / health:
Chubby Frogs will inflate their body size when lifted as a defense against being eaten. They’ll also secrete a foul-tasting, toxic gooey substance to make themselves less appetizing.

Behavior / temperament:
Like other "narrow mouthed frogs" Kaloula pulchra can inflate its body to a larger size when it feels threatened. It also secretes a smelly liquid to make itself less appealing to potential predators.

A single Asian Painted Frog can be housed in a 15 gallon habitat. An ideal temperature is around 80 F during the day and 65 - 75 F. at night.


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Asian Painted Frog

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