Yellow-crested Cockatoo

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"Pretty Lady"


United States

Posted Jun 24, 2016

I was a nanny, and a family I was working for had this cute and funny cockatoo named LadyBird. From the moment I met her, we just clicked. I started researching all about these incredible birds. The term "Velcro Bird" makes so much sense! Once you are adopted by a 'too, they want to be with you... a lot! When it was time for my nanny contract to end, the family asked if I would like to keep LadyBird, since I had obviously become her "person". That was 15 years ago- and LadyBird is still an important member of my family! She loves to perch on my shoulder when I am at my desk. She loves "grooming" my hair, carefully preening individual strands of my bangs. She has learned a lot of fun words, phrases and sounds- she even echos my giggle. She loves to snuggle in my arms. She makes me smile every single day.
Now, yes, she is a lovey, funny, silly, beautiful bird. *However* aside from all the fun things about her, there are definitely some things that are not so fun: She is LOUD. not just a little noisy- but loud enough that the neighbors in the houses on either side of mine know when she is vocalizing.... but it is just in her nature of being a "flock" bird, and so I have learned to expect it *and* accept it. She has a temper! She gets angry and even seems to be jealous at times- and she lets me know by shrieking at the top of her big birdie lungs! It takes work to keep her cage clean- 'toos are messy by nature- from the powder their bodies give off to the mess of every single toy they gnaw and shred ;-) It is important to keep her warm, clean, well fed, entertained, engaged and taken care of. Just don't rush into having a cockatoo without some research and serious thought... Life with a 'too is a LOT of work, but at long as you are willing to put forth the effort, life with a "velcro bird" is completely worth it!

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