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Mickey The Sun Conure


United States

Posted Aug 20, 2014

Mickey was given to me by a close friend and easily adapted to my pair of green cheeked conures. He was a hand-raised baby and my two were not, but there was never a compatibility issue.
Conures are sizeable birds, larger than a parakeet but not as big as an Amazon parrot. They need room and they certainly need stimulation. It's downright cruel to put a bird of this size and intelligence in a cage and shove food at them. They need interaction, toys, quality food and room. Letting them fly free in a room can be good exercise, but it's best they are supervised so that they will not eat dangerous things (plants, fabrics, etc) or chew on your furniture... mine did a handy carpentry job on my wooden window frames.
And, yes... they poop a lot.
A large cage for their safety is best, but you'll want to have a play area atop it or near it for them to get more exercise. Sun conures are gorgeous -- brilliantly colorful -- and quite friendly! Mickey enjoyed riding around on my shoulder at home, and sitting on the shower rod in the bath room when I showered. A real cutie.
When considering conures of all types, it's important to know that they can be quite loud. For this reason, I believe they're not perfect apartment pets. Sadly, when I had my three, I divorced and moved from a large home to a small apartment and their occasional but quite loud voices caused me to cover them up too often to quiet them. Eventually I realized this was not the best life for them. I've never given up an animal in my life -- I consider them a permanent commitment like a child -- but in this case my avian veterinarian offered to adopt them. They went on to a spectacular life in a large aviary and that was incredibly hard for me but so much better for their happiness and well-being. Unless you can devote time and attention and have the space, a pair of smaller birds might be best for you, such as parakeets or finches.

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