Ocean and Lake

Peach-faced Lovebird

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My Unexpected Experience with Lovebirds


Florida, United States

Posted Feb 21, 2014

I really wish my experience with love birds had gone a little more like I had imagined, but there aren't many good memories I have of Ocean and Lake. I purchased them as adults in a pet store, which I regret 100%. I found out early on that many pet stores don't give a shit about the animals, only their money. I truly believr had the birds been properly cared for, their aggressive nature that I experienced would not have happened. This is why I actually do recommend love birds, if they have been treated properly; a private breeder is the best option. Love birds are relatively loud, so if noise is an issue for you, I would suggest a different species. They are absolutely gorgeous birds (Ocean and Lake named for their vivid, beautifully blended colors) who are attached to each other, as the name entails. They stay close and do mostly everything together. Despite their attachment, Ocean and Lake fought nearly every day, flapping their wings and nipping at each other. I would have to go and tap on the cage to make them stop, otherwise it could last for a minute straight. One of the fights was so severe that Ocean's eye was injured and clamped shut from a fight, and I was terrified that he or she didn't have an eyeball anymore, which ended up healing just fine. The reason I say he or she is because the only way to tell their gender is by snipping part of their toe off, which I find cruel, so I left it a mystery. One of them was lying eggs, but they never hatched when I gave them a proper nest to place them in. It IS possible that they were both female birds. The mother was EXTREMELY protective over her eggs, even with her mate. She was not to be disturbed and almost never left the nesting box. Love birds are very high maintenance, so be prepared to invest quite a bit of time each day to them. They also require a lot of toys, bird feed, treats, and newspaper, so the expenses can add up. Overall, I rate my experience with love birds as a 3/10, but the birds themselves as a 7/10.

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