Peach-faced Lovebird

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Peach-Faced Love Bird- Fragile but wonderful pets.


United States

Posted Aug 11, 2013

Puffy was handfed which I believe is key if you want a mild tempered bird that interacts well with humans. She was a pet for my youngest daughter. It’s my understanding that Love Birds are meant to mate or bond with another bird. But since Puffy was our only bird she bonded with my daughter. Puffy would ride on my daughters shoulder showing unusual affection towards her. She tolerated the rest of us and graced our shoulders with her presences every now and then.

I do think Puffy was one-of-a-kind so this review may not be standard for all Love Birds. I don’t think all Love Birds talk, but Puffy did. She said “Pretty Bird” and “Hello”. She also laid eggs. I had no idea female birds lay eggs even when there is no male. A male bird is for fertilization. So our eggs never hatched. We found the perfect wood house for her in the craft section at Wal-Mart. You can get inventive with their toys; they tend to become bored if all they have to do is sit on a perch all day.

Love Birds are wonderful companions, but they make a substantial amount of mess and need lots of care and attention. They are beautiful, sometimes temperamental, with unique personalities. Puffy disappeared once. We searched everywhere for her, fearing she had escaped out an open door. It wasn’t until my daughter came home and called her that Puffy called out “Pretty bird”. She was hiding in a coffee cup in the cabinet.

As you noticed this review is past tense which leads me to my last bit of information about Love Birds, ANY Bird. I was against clipping wings as I felt this was inhumane since birds are meant to fly. She had full reign of our home. One evening the simple act of pulling the bedroom door closed on my way out of the room ended in tragedy. Puffy had taken flight from my daughters shoulder with the intention to land on mine. She never made it.

Birds are fragile. I STRONGLY recommend clipping their wings.

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