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Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Posted Nov 09, 2014

Although my two experiences the Mealy Amazon were highly negative, I would like to make clear that this was most likely completely due to the fact that my family acquired both birds from extremely abusive homes.

Both birds were older in age, and had suffered physical and psychological abuse and neglect for several years.

Because of this, both birds exhibited extremely aggressive behavior, to the point where it was almost impossible for anyone except my father to interact with them.

The female Amazon, Polly, actually eventually formed a very strong, but highly neurotic attachment to my mother, and would become violent and terrifyingly aggressive towards the other members of my family when one of us tried to go near her when she was with Polly.

The boy, Arturo, was very articulate and actually spoke in both English and Spanish, and had a very impressive vocabulary. He too was very aggressive, however, and attacked my father on several occasions resulting in minor but painful cuts and bites that broke his skin.

These birds are highly intelligent and have a very complex emotional capacity, which manifests in strong attachments to certain owners, as well as intense psychological distress if mistreated.

I would NOT recommend this bird for those with small children, or those who are not prepared to take on the responsibility of care, attention, and affection that this very loving but very needy bird requires.

In addition to this, both birds were very destructive in terms of toys and anything else they could get their claws on, and required more feed and habitat maintenance than other parrots I owned.

If treated properly, and given correct training, this bird can be an exceptional and impressively engaging pet to have.

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