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The Mealy Amazon - A Challenge for Me!


3080, Portugal

Posted Apr 17, 2014

I got Lourito from a friend. At that time he was sick and very poorly treated. A visit to the vet quickly became the welcoming of a new member into my family.

I'd never had any contact with parrots before, or with any other birds. I had never felt curious or drawn to them, and it was only out of pity that I decided to keep Lourito.

Coincidence or instinct, he loved me from the minute he saw me, and that is one of the main reasons I fell in love with him: he was very playful, gentle, funny and caring from the first minute I saw him.

Lourito is a great companion. He is very active and joyful, he is always singing or making sounds, imitates us all the time and does some goofy moves around the house. (He has a big cage but the cage is very often open and he is free to walk / move / fly around to where he wants. He is currently living at my parents' house to keep him safe from my cats). With him around we never feel lonely or sad.

But having a parrot is more difficult than I thought. Firstly he is very noisy, which means that if I have a headache (I suffer from migraines), if I'm feeling tired, moody or if I feel like having a moment to myself... that's quite impossible. Another negative aspect about him is that he is very needy: he wants company all the time, and even if we go to the bathroom and leave him in the kitchen he starts complaining. His cage is also a bit difficult to clean and it takes me some time to do this task daily. Another difficult aspect about Lourito is that, apart from me and my parents, he is very afraid of people in general and very often attacks those who come near him.

Probably some of these downsides come from his previous owner who maybe could have done things differently, but that I will never know.

What I know is that a parrot is an awesome companion for anyone who loves company and/or feels lonely, he/she can be very friendly and, as far as Lourito is concerned, very easy to keep happy and healthy. But having a parrot is similar to having a child in your house: forget the quiet times and get ready for some very loud demands!

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