Maroon-bellied Conure

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Travis McGee


United States

Posted May 22, 2015

Travis McGee, the maroon-bellied conure, was an adorable little spitfire. Very headstrong, I'm pretty sure that he thought he was the size of a condor rather than the length of my hand. I wish I had a picture, but they are all with my parents, I will upload one when I can. He was a beautiful little guy, with a black crown, jungle green body, and deep maroon chest and belly.
As I mentioned, he was very headstrong, every playtime or snuggle session had to be his idea. He could get a little cage aggressive if he was not in the mood to play, but he only bit really hard twice. But he was in the social mood most of the time. As soon as one of us got home, he would demand to be with us. He was most fond of sitting on my chest while I was in my recliner. He loved to have his neck and head scritched. He would often scratch his own head, neck, and chin on my dad's beard when they snuggled.
He was quite active. He liked walking from one room to another, but we had to keep an eye on him because he also like to chew of things. He was a finger nibbler, and though they were not hard nibbles, I would say that he probably would not have been good for children's fingers or sensitive hands.
He was a squawker, but he could mimic rhythms fairly well. His favorite was squawking along with the CSI intro and Who song, "Who are you?" ^_^
Part of his headstorng nature, he was unfortunately a daredevil. His cage was probably set a little too high at first. One day, he jumped right off the top of it and hurt himself on the landing. We lowered his cage, but, though he quickly healed, he was never really the same again. Unfortunate, we lost him far too early.

I can't say if he was the standard for maroon-bellied conures since he was my only one, but, if he was, I think any bird loving adult would like having their authority challenged by this big-headed and big-hearted little guy.

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