Green-cheeked Conure

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Cheeky Little Green Cheek


United States

Posted Nov 26, 2013

My girlfriend's Green Cheek Conure is adorable! Her colors are very bright and her patterns are defined. She weighs close to nothing and stands proud at nearly 6 inches tall. Cheeky is so named because of her exciting and playful attitude. On the day we went to pick her up, she was incredibly playful and easy to handle. Since that day she has become even more lovable and fun to handle. My girlfriend has taught her basic tricks such as hanging upside down, kissing, mimicking us, stepping up, and even pooping on command (which is more of a convenience than anything). Cheeky has developed a real love for water going into the shower with my girlfriend every evening during her after work shower. She loves being out and interacting with anyone who comes over. Cheeky serves as an effective alarm clock because of her loud chirping every morning attempting to contact other birds. We must handle her gently and treat her well though because she does tend to hold grudges when she doesn't get what she wants. She loves playing with the toys in her cage and will actually get bored if they are not changed often enough. Fortunately, bird toys are cheap. Thus far, Cheeky has been very healthy. Every now and then, these birds will molt. When they do, they become very uncomfortable and can be very grumpy. If you must handle them during this process be very gentle as the feathers around their neck and head become painful for them. If you are feeding them fresh steamed veggies and boiled eggs in addition to their usual dried food their health, energy, and longevity will drastically increase, as will the amount of pain and discomfort they experience during the molting process. Our bird rarely bites. When it does it hurts, but not badly enough to make me say this this type of bird is inappropriate for children.

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