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My 4 years with my Cockatiel.


75011, France

Posted Apr 03, 2015

It was by a total coincidence that I have had the pleasure to own a Nymphicus hollandicus ( Cockatiel ). In fact, a neighbor of mine knocked at my door back in 2010 telling me she had found a baby Cockatiel in her garden. It was a bit injured and seemed really fragile. As I was owning two lovebirds and had a free birdcage, I decided to rescue it.

After a while, given that nobody came to get it back, I made it my own and named it Pepito. I started to train him on basic skills and tricks. He quickly understood how to eat in my hand and in a matter of weeks could stay on my arm and my right shoulder ( like a proper pirate's parrot ! ).

We spent 4 wonderful years together. After some months, i trained him to fly in my house. He rapidly could be free in the house provided that he had his birdcage opened to come back in.

Sadly, he tragically died in 2014 and the reasons of his death remain unknown. I wasn't that much at home back then, and i think he got really sad because of that, despite my mother taking care of him.

Cockatiels seem to be adorable little parrots. They are definitely intelligent little creatures. Cocktiels need love and if bought/owned alone, you have to give them constant care and love. They apparently tend to be sad if you do not spend enough time with them, which makes them even more adorable.

However, if you do not have enough time to take care of it on a daily basis, consider not getting one or getting two or three at the same time. As a result, they will entertain themselves and you will have more time for yourself. Remember that they are intelligent creatures and enjoy the company of these lively and endearing animals.

Hope my experience will be useful enough to help those in need of advice.

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