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Posted Mar 26, 2015

I never set out to own a bird. They belong in the wild, not in a cage in someone's living room. Yet, when my brother, who worked at a pet store, brought home a cockatiel, it was love at first sight. The bird 'took' to me more than he did my brother and so he became mine. I was 13 years old at the time. What did I know about raising a bird? Well, over the next 22+ years, Bobby would teach me.

Bobby was social. He loved to be in the middle of everything. And, he loved having his head scritched right behind his ears (you had to know where his ears are) and underneath his crest. Ooohhhh how he'd melt into your finger and rub rub rub turning his head this way and that, putting your finger exactly where he wanted it to be.

Bobby loved to participate in whatever I was doing. At breakfast time, he'd eat my cream of wheat with me. He'd perch himself on the opposite side of the bowl from me and dip down into it, come back up and babble with delight with his little 'happy' sounds.

Bobby loved to set himself on my head as I'd walk around the house, do housework, whatever. And no, he never messed on me. When it was time to go potty, he'd fly back over to his cage.

And what a ham! He'd dance by bobbing his head up and down while stepping side to side with his feet and making his happy chirpy sounds.... adorable!

He was also quite vocal. Oh my-- he could say his name, and he also liked saying the word 'chirp.' And whistle. He especially liked the theme song to the Andy Griffith show. Like I said, he was such a ham. If I were in conversation with a friend, suddenly I would become aware of this sound in the background that was like an echo... Bobby would be repeating, or mocking, the tone of the conversation with his little chirps, going up and down in tone as the conversation did. It would crack me up.

I have many stories of this little fellow who stole my heart. He was with me for over 22 years. I still miss him.

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