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Gadget - The Cockatiel Who Thought He Was A Dog


United States

Posted Mar 01, 2015

It was a beautiful summer day at my rural home, and I was outside picking peaches off of one of the peach trees on our property. I heard a bird, which was normal, but this bird sounded like it didn't belong. I look up and see this pretty cockatiel staring down at me. I laid my hand on the tree, and he walked onto my hand and started to sing a pretty tune that I didn't recognize.

I brought him inside because it was apparent that he was domesticated. I searched for nearly six months for his owner, but nobody came forth, and Gadget, which came to mind when Inspector Gadget was playing on the TV, had become mine.

I didn't have to train him at all. He must've gotten out of his cage at his old owner's house, but they did a fantastic job with this bird. He picked up words well, though it was a little hard to understand, he let you hold him, and he let you clip his wings, which was a must because that bird could fly.

We didn't keep Gadget in a cage. He had taken a liking to an exercise bike we had in one of the rooms, so we just laid some paper down underneath it and placed food and water on it for him with some bread ties. He wouldn't poop or pee on anything but that dang bike.

You could be sitting in the living room watching TV, and you'd hear click, click, click, and see this little bird peak in the room to see what you're doing. If you were having spaghetti for dinner, you better believe Gadget would be there, begging like a dog until you gave him some noodles. I'm not certain if those are good for birds or not, but he loved them.

And he loved our dog at the time, also. When she was laying down, he'd climb on her back and just take a ride all over the place, and our dog didn't care at all.

He was a one of a kind type of bird. My brother has a cockatiel now, and I'm sure he could train that bird like Gadget. Gadget had passed away of old age, and is definitely missed.

If you have some time to train them, or can acquire one that's been properly trained, they're great and inexpensive birds to have.

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