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Buddy Holly Wasn't Quite a Rockin' Robin' (Or Cockatiel)


United States

Posted Jan 15, 2015

Cockatiels are generally great pets, when you don't get one that was birthed with a spite towards anything humanoid.

Buddy Holly was a cute little bugger ever since he was born, but something happened from the moment he popped out of his eggs until I got him home from my babysitter's house when he was three months old. Perhaps it was the change of environment, or something but Buddy Holly went from sweet little guy to a terror who only wanted you to hold him, if HE wanted you to hold him.

I cannot recount the times that he had bitten me. Perhaps he had sensed my mother's animosity towards him because of her fear of birds ever since that Alfred Hitchcock movie, or perhaps it happened when his feathers were clipped. According to my babysitter it had been a traumatic experience for him.

It was hard to clean his cage because he would get in your face while you did it, it got to the point that I would have to put him in a separate room while I went about it or he would bite at my fingers. He would knock his water around seemingly out of spite and just generally he was not a very nice bird. I loved him to pieces and I had tried my best to work with him. It was a month or more before he was finally allowing affection without pain in return. I never did figure out what was wrong with him, but we moved passed it.

After a while he was easy to teach a couple of tricks, but he still got violent from time to time which made it a little undesirable to try to hand him. That didn't stop me, I wanted to help him break out of this angry streak and be happy again. Eventually however, he wound up getting free when somebody opened the room he was being kept in while I was outside hosing down his cage for a major cleaning.

The next time I'd saw him was when the cat came prancing into the kitchen holding him in her mouth.

I miss that bird, and I wished I'd gotten more time with him. I would try another bird some time, but I would want to figure out what I did wrong first.

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