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Mike the Lutino Cockatiel


Florida, United States

Posted Jan 05, 2015

Mike and Sully (Mike's companion) were given to my brother over the summer from his middle school teacher. It became apparent that I would be taking care of the birds and it was soon discovered that they would be permanent residents of our household.
Having never taken care of a bird before, the Cockatiel pair was a new experience. Aside from the expectedly mundane chore of cleaning their cage, the Cockatiels were a handful; Mike especially so.
I kept their cage open and my door closed but neither of them left the roof of their home too often. They only sang to each other, in front of a mirror, or when I came from the shower. A drop of the towel hilariously caused Mike to whistle the popular cat-call sound. The only song they knew was part of 'Happy Birthday'.
Having received them from another owner, it was incredibly hard to train them to do anything. They had severe trust issues due to living in a classroom full of tormenting children their whole lives. They hated hands and if you didn't position your fingers correctly for them to step-up onto, your fingers were bitten.
However, Mike and Sully evolved to trust me and would regularly fly down the hallway to beg for some of my food. They would also wake me up in the morning because they were hungry, much like a cat would.
While I didn't care for their often nasty behavior, I grew to enjoy their company.
One day, Sully escaped, leaving Mike alone. Sully was much friendlier than Mike and without Sully around, Mike became severely depressed.
He adopted his mirror as his new bird companion in almost an insane manner. I couldn't feed him without Mike attempting to rip my hand off. Taking his mirror away caused him to fly after the perpetrator ready to make them bleed.
In my experience, Cockatiels are temperamental and choosy lovers. They can't mimic or even sing that well. I suppose Cockatiels have the potential to be wonderful pets, but my time with them says otherwise.

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