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Matilda the Cockatiel


California, United States

Posted Oct 22, 2014

Tilly was a fantastic bird. She was sociable, friendly, and very affectionate. Whenever we would take her out of her cage, she would fly around the house a few times, then drop on someone's shoulder and nuzzle them. She developed the habit of cleaning my grandmother's eyelashes whenever she landed on grandma's shoulder.

She would sing every morning while she preened herself. Each day, we would take her out in the morning and she would have free run of the house until evening, when it was time for her to sleep. Tilly always came when we clicked our tongues, but was never really trained to come at her name. She loved to walk around on the furniture, bobbing her head or spreading her crown and strutting.

Tilly didn't like the outside, so after about a year, we got more used to opening and closing the door when we'd have her out of the cage. We had her wings trimmed but not clipped. She could manage flight around the house but never really seemed too interested in traveling outdoors.

She never had many health problems, and always groomed herself very nicely. Her cage was easy to clean, and she wasn't picky about her food. Overall, she was a fantastic bird to own, definitely one I would recommend to families, but be sure you either work on Free Flight training, or do not allow your cockatiel into rooms with doors open to the outside.

Tilly got a hankering to get out one day, and flew off. This was after several years with us, so we are fairly sure it wasn't a familiarity thing for her. She hadn't ever been trained to go outside, so she was unable to find her way home. A few days later, one of the neighbors found some feathers that looked like hers, but that was all we ever found of Matilda. I would definitely recommend training your cockatiel to be out in the open if you're at all concerned they might get away.

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