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WindInHisHair,a Cockatiel,also formerly Lost


Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States

Posted Mar 01, 2009

Wind is our first Cockatiel.My Husband asked me one day if we wanted one,as an employee of his had one left out of a clutch of three,he was the only survivor.His Mother died trying to keep up with the demands of her chicks as well,so Winds Dad took over feeding him.When I went to pick him up,his Dad got on my shoulder and glared at me the Whole time!!!Wind was many colors as a chick,best described as a Lutino-Pearl-Pied.He was very demanding at first,and still wanted baby food,so I fed him from a spoon for an additional month,and weaned him to seed,pellet,veggies,fruit,and birdy muffins that I made for him,sneaking all sorts of good things inside of them.He learned fast,and immensely liked attention,toys,entertainment,and flying,of course.We moved when he was about four months old,and I taught him to wear a harness to go outside with me in.It took time for this, as he didnt want anything to do with it at first,so I wore it on my collar until he got used to its presence,then slowly got him into it. He made it outside for Halloween,and hid behind me as some of the first kids came walking by,then would peek out when they were gone.I taught him to display his wings upside down while on my hand on command.He was taught not to bite by being put down if he did so,or keeping our hand still while he lightly bit,but we respected when perhaps he didnt want to be bothered,as well.He became the friendliest Bird here,often sitting with us for hours right along friends and family,helping us play cards,learning to enjoy music,and taking turns getting pet.I came home one day,and he was in the bathroom,hanging upside down to see himself in the mirror on the vanity,talking to himself!!!Wind accidentally got loose February 2 ,2008,but was returned to us on January 11,2009.He has lost all his pretty pearls and stripes,but has the same sweet face and temperament,personality.He is fast becoming tame again,is healthy despite his adventure,and is becoming friends with the other three teils I was given to try to help me with my grief while he was gone.I think Cockatiels are very smart,easy to train in steps,can be taught a endless variety of things,bond very well to their owners,and respond well to commands and training sessions,as well as Music.I think Wind was the most challenging as a baby,when his nutrirtional needs were foremost on his mind,we needed to be home a lot then,but with some patience and conditioning,he is a very well rounded,happy Cockatiel.My Teils require about four hours daily of maintenance and attention,but it is well worth it in the rewards area.The only drawback with us is if we become impatient with their behavior,many times I have had to adjust my Families reactions to the teils craziness!!They respond well to dietary challenges if done in a patient manner,we dont provide very much seed around here to avoid the overvitamin thing,and getting them to change also was challenging,but has been done.They eat everything that is put in front of them,even if  I still have to be creative.The reward is very healthy Teils who are almost never sick,have a proper weight,and fly crazily through my house,sometimes stopping to say something to us,preen our hair,and whom we enjoy throughly as well trained,tamed pets.

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