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Posted Jul 30, 2014

I've had this pair of cockatiels for over 8yrs and they are a lovely little couple. They can be very affectionate with each other and they love to cuddle but sometimes... well sometimes they go at it like an old married couple. They bicker a lot and sometimes even go after each other, nipping at their mate in a soft almost delicate rage!

In the mornings they both sit together and sing, and the sound is very beautiful (though it doesn't last very long because they aggitate my sun conure who evidently finds their singing "absolutely horrendous and offensive - perhaps I should rename my conure Simon Cowell xD)

They both like to have their heads scratched though they get anxious if you try to pet their backs. Sudden movements scare them very easily and they can often get very jittery once they're been upset. It usually takes them a while to settle down if they've been startled.

They are also rather clever and on more than one occassion they've managed to open the double doors to their cage. Fortunately I have my birds in their own special room so aside from a somewhat traumatic encounter with my Macaw, they didn't get very far and seemed more than relieved to be put back into the cage.

Pros of my cockatiels:
* very calm birds
* can be very loving towards owners
* very beautiful singing
* very intelligent birds that can be trained to do a number of things (such as talk - though mine don't)
* easy to maintain
* easy to feed
* easy to clean up after (they're not messy birds at all!)
* they have lovely personalities

Cons of my cockatiels:
* very nervous birds that are easily startled
* they will nip at you, especially if you upset them
* while i do recommend getting them in pairs, they can often fight with each other (a lot)
* they're not particularly "pretty" birds
* they can be very loud at times and sometimes they upset my other birds

Overall I would recommend a pair of cockatiels for first time pet owners! :)

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