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Cockatiels - Good but not for me


64735, Sweden

Posted Jul 17, 2014

Excuse me for sounding snobbish, but these birds just do not cut for me. They are beautiful, active, eye catching, one of the most easiest if not the easiest breed to manage yet there is some thing about them that i do not like.

If you like birds but you have not had the chance to have any and you want a bird that lives long, is friendly and beautiful, can mimic a bit, is easy to keep and clean, well than here, this is where you should start. There is nothing negative for me to say on these things, I have seen professional trainers train these birds to a level that it is unimaginable but I like my pets and birds to keep some element about their wildness within them. I mean, do not get me wrong, but i want a pet with personality and not a robot that does what you want it to do. Any ways, these are good and easy birds to keep, period.

The bad part, for me, they are too loud and make too much noise. They are also very keen attention seekers and can occasionally develop a habit of biting. If any one has ever been bit by a parrot or similar stuff, you will know that it is not pleasant, not even remotely close to pleasantness. They have hard beaks and for new people it is always good to exercise some caution.

They stay healthy, in normal conditions but Razor was a bit stressed. Possibly because he was alone or may be because he was not happy, can never tell. I wanted a younger bird and see him or her go through the molting process and see the gender coming up but that never happened. He was already a male when we got him so it was something missing.

They like fruits, feed them any and they will have fun, You can also mix some grains with food from time to time, one thing to know about birds is that they are good at hiding their sickness, it is the case with almost all birds, chickens, parrots so you should take time and monitor their daily routine. Any thing that is off and strange, it needs to be checked. When they start showing clear symptoms of any problem, often it is already very late. So as a pet owner, a general tip is to keep an eye on your pet, the eating habits, the excretion habits, the sleeping habits and so on.

Clean the cage, feed them regularly. Get them weaned regularly if you want to let them roam around in the house. They are good and comfortable if you put them in the living room, with the noise coming from the TV or computer and people moving around. It makes them happy.

As a pet, they are good, I did not like them too much but I am not reasonable all of the time. If you just bought one of this pet now, enjoy the amazing experience that you are about to get.

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