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Charlie Burd


New York, United States

Posted May 01, 2014

Charlie is an awesome 4 year old cockatiel. I have been breeding and training tiels for the better part of my life.

Cockatiels are extremely easy to breed, while the hand raising can prove to be a little difficult for a beginner, it is well worth the knowledge.

When Charlie was born, he was 1 of 3 in his clutch. One of his siblings was under developed and did not make it. This can be common and has no reflection on the parents or owner. Charlie was a trooper though.

We live in upstate NY. We traveled via car to mid Alabama to bury a family member. It was obviously unplanned. I had just taken Charlie and his sister from their parents and I was hand feeding.

Hand feeding is a very tedious job with an amazing out come. You end with a friendly, emotionally socialized bird that enjoys your company verses a bird that hisses at and fears you.

Charlie is under going training to become a "Therapy Bird." Soon, he will be certified to go to homes with me and help adults and children with disabilities/ailments find a little peace and happiness through his awesome personality.

To anyone that plans to purchase a cockatiel, I highly suggest that you make sure that he/she is very handlable. Do not take, "He just needs some work." as an excuse. This usually means that the birdie did not graduate birdie college and will never be your best friend. Also please keep in mind that they are very active with their mini vocal chords. If you live in an apartment, please check with your land lord/neighbors if they are ok with your new pet. There are many land lords that do not allow pet birds as the noise can be very annoying to some.

Tiels do mimic your sounds when repeated enough, but they do not "speak" All of their sounds are whistles and noises. They do not have the correct boxes to mouth words like a parrot. But they can come close.

Tiels are very manageable and amazing little pets that most novice owners can handle, as long as they handle them regularly and they are properly trained.

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