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Ontario, Canada

Posted Feb 06, 2014

Joey is the second pet I ever had. He came to us when I was a literal baby. He was outside in a tree and my Dad brought him in. Finding a cockatiel in a tree in the middle of Canada isn't exactly your typical sight an my parents figured he'd gotten lost. They must have fallen in love with him because he stuck with us. I have photos from when I was a baby of him sitting on my stomach in the middle of my crib, or sleeping on my shelves of stuffed animals in my room. Joey, without a doubt, was the best bird we'd ever had.

As I grew, we only became closer. There was no hesitation for me as a child to go over and pick him up, give him a headscratch, or kisses. He'd say words here and there too us, and he had his own song that he'd constantly sing. He was a ridiculously social bird and had the best heart out of them all and because of him, every time I go into the pet store and see cockatiels for $50.00, it's always really hard to walk on by.

These birds are incredibly easy to care for and make such sweet companions. If you're starting out with birds, I'd highly recommend this breed. They learn quick and aren't too much trouble at all. They're also very sociable, so when we got our Quaker, the pair were side by side and often on each other's cages. They co-existed happily, though I know this could have been a rare thing because not all birds and breeds are quite as docile.

Joey eventually passed away from old age, we never really knew how old he was to begin with, but our guess when we first got him was 2-3. He lived another 13 years on top of that and we never had any problems with him whatsoever. They're affectionate, gentle and all around a perfect bird.

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