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Sofia the Cockatiel


United States

Posted Sep 13, 2013

I absolutely love cockatiels, with their little blushed cheeks and gorgeous feathers! Sofia was a female one, and she was such a pleasure of a bird to have. She was a very clean bird, loved to eat sunflower seeds and would chirp once in a while, but not in an annoying way. She had a fairly big cage to play in, so she was content during the day when I was out. Also, she was fun to let out of the cage. She would sit on my shoulder for hours, and only occasionally fly up to sit on a door ledge or lamp shade, which she did when the cat came around! The only downfall to having a cockatiel out of the cage is you never know when they are going to poop. Birds are fun, but if you are going to let them roam around freely you have to be mindful of the fact that they do not potty train, at least none of the birds I ever had/worked with. They also generally live for a very long time. The experience I had with Sofia and strangers was a positive one. She did not bite, but she would nip if you annoyed her! And it never hurt or broke the skin, it just felt like someone put a pencil tip on your arm or hand, or where ever. Overall, Sofia was a very gentle bird. The most expensive part of having this kind of bird is the cage/housing. The food is not too pricey, or at least it wasn't back then when I had mine. The maintenance mainly involved changing the cage every few days to keep it clean. Although these birds do not require a whole lot of attention, they do like to be spoken to! It sounds strange, but I always felt it put her in a better mood when I would even spend 2 minutes talking to her or giving her some treats. They are child friendly, as long as the child knows that they are delicate animals and can't be squeezed or played roughly with. I would love to have one of these birds again!

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