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Posted Aug 17, 2013

WaddlesWorth was my first bird. I got him when I was in my teens after begging for a pet bird all year long. My grandmother got him for me on my birthday. I was told he was 8 months old when I bought him from the pet store. I brought him home and instantly fell in love. He was so sweet and he loved to sing. He loved looking at himself in a mirror and whistling to himself. Sometimes I'd whistle at him and he'd whistle back. He was well tempered. Often times he stayed on my shoulder and played with my hair. When I had my younger cousins over, he was calm when they reached to pet him. He didn't mind being handled and passed to others though he did prefer to remain with me, and often times would fly over to my shoulder when someone else was holding him.

I gave him the name WaddlesWorth because he waddled A LOT. I thought it was hilarious. He would fluff up his feathers and waddle this way and that on top of his cage. I looked into making little toys and things for him because at the time I couldn't afford to get him many toys. Every thing I made him, he loved and he played with. He sang all day, which made my grandma smile. She liked hearing him sing. He was very intelligent. I'd cover his cage at night when we all went to sleep and in the morning he'd climb out, fly over to me and sit on my chest. When I'd wake up, I'd see a fluffed up looking WaddlesWorth staring at me. He'd tweet, kiss my nose then wait for me to sit up before climbing to my shoulder.

He loved poetry. I used to read him Williams Wordworth poems. His favorite was "Idiot Boy" and those were actually the first words I heard him say. My younger brother had come in and was scared of birds but needed to get something from my room. WaddlesWorth was sitting on his cage watching my brother as he tried to sneak through my room. My brother tripped over his own shoes and fell. WaddlesWorth promptly tweeted out "Idiot boy". I laughed so hard. My brother on the other hand bolted from the room still frightened of him. WaddlesWorth even let me dress him for Halloween that year. I put a little hand made bird sized cape on him and answered the door for trick or treaters. He stayed on my shoulder the entire time, never once trying to leave.

He introduced me to the beautiful world of birds. He was sweet, gorgeous, had a beautiful voice, and was my best friend for a long while. I miss him, but I'm glad he was part of my life.

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