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Cockatiel Chronicles


Florida, United States

Posted Jul 22, 2013

Our family attained Buddy and Peppy from a neighborhood friend. Peppy, a girl, was already roughly 16 years old or so and Buddy about 12 I believe. Peppy passed away a couple years after we got her, but Buddy is still alive and healthy and very active. Buddy has a ladder that is attached from his cage and ends at the floor. When his door is open, he climbs down like a fireman.

His previous owners used to keep his cage near the TV and they would watch a lot of black and white shows where the men whistled at girls walking by. Buddy learned this "pretty girl" whistle and it is one of his most common sounds. He also practices the "Charge" chant that is heard at sporting games. I believe if we acquired him earlier in life, he would be trainable for more words and sounds.

Buddy loves to fly around the house and hide in stuffed animals on shelving or in plants. Sometimes it is hard to find him. He has a common habit of landing on people's heads as well. Especially when my dad were alive, he would land on my dad's head while my dad was eating chips. Buddy would proceed to climb down to my dad's shoulder and my dad would hand feed Buddy some chips. Now, everytime a chip bag is heard, Buddy starts tweeting letting us know he would like a snack as well!

Buddy does bite (but not hard) if he does not know the person. After a short while, he will warm up to them and even allow people to pet his neck. He loves his cuddle bone to sharpen his beak and he loves getting bird treats from time to time. For baths, we take out the tray from his cage and use the garden hose on low and just sprinkle him. He enjoys his "showers." Overall, Buddy is a fun little bird that keeps us entertained.

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